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Sorting objects and counting Focusing on shapes

Exceptional Care For Your Child

You can trust the experienced professionals at The Children's Garden…A Place to Bloom to take care of your child and help them grow. Serving San Antonio, TX, we have scheduled days and lesson plans. Moreover, we also provide you with daily reports.

• Developing social skills

• Potty training

• Focusing on letters and shapes

• Sorting objects and counting

• Singing and dancing

• Getting them school ready

• Sharing and caring

What we teach

We help children aged 2 years with their social skills. We also focus on getting 3-year-old children ready for school education.


Children have homework folders to help them get ready for school and to help them get organized. We introduce them to more math and science concepts, and have a show and tell on Fridays.


We also get them ready for kindergarten by developing their independence.

Personal attention for your child


We give 10% off to USAA.

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We'll help your child master self-control. Contact us today!

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We provide a kid friendly  breakfast, lunch, and snack daily for our students. Our menu is on a 3 week rotation and is delicious and nutricious!