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Reliable Care for Your Infant

You can count on the dedicated professionals at The Children's Garden…A Place to Bloom to provide you with exceptional care for your infant. We care for infants aged between 6 weeks to 12 months and involve them in a developmental curriculum. Get a lesson plan every week about what the teachers are going to be working on to help with your child's development.

  • Rolling

  • Sitting up

  • Tummy time

  • Self-feeding

  • Gross motor skills

  • Fine motor skills

What we help with

Serving San Antonio, TX since 2007, we do individual schedules that are updated regularly based on parent requests.


Whether you are looking for reliable after school programs or summer camps, we have you covered.

Trust in our experience


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Each baby has their own crib and spends the majority of their time interacting out of the crib. Contact us.

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Our age appropriate curriculum is designed to give your infant the skills they need to grow and experience new things safely. Our infants are given a lot of TLC and on on one time with their teachers. We encourage pro-social beahavior that will stick with them for years to come!

Curriculum designed for infants

We provide a kid friendly  breakfast, lunch, and snack daily for our students. Our menu is on a 3 week rotation and is delicious and nutricious!