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Theme-Based Summer Camps!

We at The Children's Garden…A Place to Bloom host a theme-based summer camp for pre-school children (3's to after school age). Serving San Antonio, TX since 2007, we offer a family oriented environment and get to know your children. We make sure the summer camps are different every year.

• Personalized attention for your child

• Loving and caring teachers

• Very open communication with the parents

• Weekly lesson plans

• Daily planned activities and crafts

Why choose us

Each summer, we have a different theme with planned activities, games, and field trips.


One year, we did "Around the World" as the theme where we studied a different country every week, focusing on the culture, food, and language.

Themed field trips


Trust in our

20 years

of experience. Call us at



We have an open door policy! You can tour anytime and meet with the teachers besides

12:00 PM - 2:00 PM (Nap time). Contact us today!

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We provide a kid friendly  breakfast, lunch, and snack daily for our students. Our menu is on a 3 week rotation and is delicious and nutricious!