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Care For Your Toddler

Let Us Care For Your Toddler

You can count on the dedicated professionals at The Children's Garden…A Place to Bloom to help care for your child. We care for children aged 12 months to 24 months and follow scheduled routines through the day.

• Socialization

• Walking

• Sharing

• Caring

• Using words

• Visual learning

• Numbers

• Letters

What we work on

Serving San Antonio, TX, we have a curriculum to introduce them to letters, numbers, and visual learning to help them with their vocabulary.


We also provide daily reports informing parents about their sleeping and eating habits and overall development.

We provide you with daily reports


We offer 10% family discounts

for multiple children.

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We have weekly lesson plans! Contact us to find out more.

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We provide a kid friendly  breakfast, lunch, and snack daily for our students. Our menu is on a 3 week rotation and is delicious and nutricious!